Introducing Loo Latch TM

Now Patented 8,985,645

About Loo Latch
Loo Latch TM is an innovative alternative to the widely used slide latches that are common in most public restrooms. 

Why Loo Latch?
Unless you are a hermit, using public restrooms is a necessity of life.  Many wonderful hands free devices have been added to public restrooms such as;
  • Hands free Flushers
  • Hands Free Soap Dispensers
  • Hands Free Water Faucets
  • Hands Free Towel Dispenser/Dryers
  • Hands Free Entry/Exit

While these hands free products have made the use of public restrooms much less unpleasant it is still necessary to touch the stall latch where cross-contamination can occur.
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Now Theres Loo Latch !